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Frances teaches in a calm and clear manner and her classes are both enjoyable and challenging. She demonstrates and provides detailed explanations of the exercises to ensure I do them correctly. Observing closely, she is then able to tailor the sessions to your individual needs, making the exercises more demanding as strength and flexibility improves. Since being taught by Frances I am more aware of my posture and breathing. I can recommend her without hesitation and have thoroughly enjoyed attending her classes.

Helen D

Frances is a really good personal trainer. Under her guidance I have made huge progress in the last 4 months and have a fitness level I wouldn’t have believed possible. Frances is very supportive and attentive on techniques and this gives me confidence that I am doing the exercises properly. The routines take into account which areas I want to focus on and there is a step progression with each new routine so that I continue to improve on my fitness. These change every 6 weeks so they always feel fresh. Frances is very positive which means I really look forward to each session – and we always have fun as well!

Sandra V

It was a joy to be taught by someone so caring, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. For over two years she has made her classes the highlight of my week. 

Rob B

Frances's classes are always extremely well prepared and thought through, she is encouraging, enthusiastic and excellent at explaining.

Liz G





I have been working with Frances for 12 months and I am delighted with the help she has given me to improve my general fitness and lose weight. Fitness sessions with Frances are great fun and motivating, she regularly changes the exercises to make it interesting. She is patient and always makes sure that her students have good technique, taking care of existing injuries. Working out with Frances has helped me to feel younger, lose weight and have a healthier life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lesley J

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