The Body Control Pilates Method is based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967), who created a series of exercises - building strength without adding bulk, balancing that strength with flexibility and achieving the perfect harmony between mind and body.

My Qualifications and Continuing Education:

Spiraldynamik® Intermediate Specific Med for movement

CYQ Diploma in Exercise and Fitness Instructing level 2

CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer

Body Control Level 3 Matwork teacher

BodyControl- Intermediate Matwork

Body Control- Advanced Matwork

Body Control- Level 3 Designing Pre &

PostNatal Pilates Programmes

Pelvis Workshop-Cameron Angus

Triad Ball Workshop -Ton Voogt & Michael Fritzke

Teaching With Props- Ton Voogt & Michael Fritzke

Functional Control Workshop-Dr Suzanne Martin

Let's Return To Life Through Contrology with Michael Fitzke and Ton Voogt